Rethinking the Convertible Note: Seed Financing and Restructurings with Variable Price Notes Capital raising through some type of convertible note … Continue reading

What are Stock Splits / Reverse Splits This post is the second part on my Stock Splits series. The first … Continue reading

How to de-quote securities from Pink Sheets by adopting stock transfer restrictions A while back I wrote about proposed Multilateral … Continue reading

MI 51-105 – an Unorthodox Solution for Canadian Issuers Quoted in the U.S. OTC Markets The Canadian Securities Administrators (the … Continue reading

Note: for a post on the current version of M.I. 51-105 see here. Canadian securities commissions (except the OSC) have … Continue reading

In appearance, the law of stock splits varies wildly from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, but it moves in fact, with a … Continue reading

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